DECEMBER 2018 NEWSLETTER Hello to everybody, And at last we have reached the end of the year with Christmas just around the corner. As usual I’m afraid that I’ve left everything until the last minute so I will be joining the throngs of last minute Christmas shoppers over the coming days. I know that many of you are more organised than me and are probably sitting back happy in the knowledge that almost everything is done for the big day. This time of the year can be difficult for those people who have lost loved ones during the year – it will be their first Christmas without that special person. Please believe me when I tell you that they are not lost. Our loved ones come to join us throughout the year but on these celebratory occasions they draw even closer to us. There are those who live alone and may feel very depressed at this time of the year. Please, if you have a neighbour in such circumstances, please knock and say Hello just to check that they are OK. During the bad weather older folk may need a bit of help with shopping… it’s such a simple thing to ensure that such people are OK – that they are warm and have food. This is the time of year for “goodwill to all men”. Let us all work towards achieving that. It has been a very busy year for me, what with my theatre tour, private engagements, private readings and various television appearances, and I now feel ready for a break for a few weeks. 2019 looks to be even more busy than last year for me as I have some special projects in hand as well as my brand new Eternal Life theatre tour for 2019. There are some new venues on this coming year’s list so please go to the Dates page of my web site at to see if I am appearing anywhere near you. There are still more dates to be added so do not despair if your home town hasn’t featured yet. 2018 was a good year on my Love Life Laughter theatre tour. I met some wonderful new people and met up with old friends too. I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support me. It seems hard to believe that I have been continuously touring theatres in the UK and worldwide for just short of twenty years now…. next year will be my 20th anniversary! My theatre career started many years prior, in the very early 90’s, but I could not count it as continuous in those days. There have been ups and there have been downs; there has been laughter and there have been tears with a little bit of heart break thrown in for good measure. However, I’m still here and I thank you all for making that possible. Without you I would have been lost on many occasions. I would like to say a special thank you to a few people who have gone that extra mile in helping me. Firstly I must send out deep gratitude to Fayth and Kevin Barber. Fayth runs and administers the Derek Acorah Fan Club and Kevin, together with Fayth’s help, keeps the Derek Acorah Radio Show going with his technical expertise. A big thank you too to all the Fan Club members who are such stalwarts in their support of me. A huge thank you to Mart Cooper who looks after my web site and who designs the wonderful posters that you see both on my social media pages and outside the theatres where I am appearing. Mart has a job and a young family and so I am grateful to him for spending the time that he does in looking after my graphic needs. A big thank you to Brian Shaw and Gareth Boycott of Brian Shaw Concerts for all the hard work you both do in compiling my theatre tour and dealing with requests regarding me on a daily basis. I’m looking to another year of working with these two great guys. I couldn’t miss out my family, especially Ray Rodaway, who has been my buddy since it all began. Where would I have been without “Rodders”? Of course my grandson Dan has now joined our happy band and sometimes acts as driver for me these days. A big thank you Dan for putting up with me. I would once again remind you that Gwen and myself are Patrons of Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme. If you could help raise funds in any way whatsoever, we would be deeply appreciate. Pathfinders rely on public donations to continue on with their fabulous work in providing seeing dogs for blind people. If you would like to donate as a gesture for Christmas then please visit their web site at Every little helps so even the smallest of donations is appreciated. Although I am on my holiday break now I will still be popping up on social media. You can keep up with me on Facebook – don’t forget to look out for the blue tick verified page. I have a presence on Twitter @derek_acorah and an Instagram account too which is simply named “derekacorah”. I would like to finish by wishing you all the happiest and most peaceful of Christmases and a positive and happy New Year. Much love to you all DEREK ACORAH